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    Trying to find printable on line coupons for Diet Pepsi and GPC cigarettes. Do you know where I can find them?

    • ANSWER:,t7581

    What cigarettes do you prefer?
    For all the smokers out there. I was wondering, what brands do you prefer (best taste/smell/so on). The reason I'm asking, is that in my home town, there is such an overwhelming choice of cigarettes so I simply don't have enough time/money to try every single one. Oh, and I don't want to hear anything about how bad it is for me and I should quit, I am perfectly aware of this and DON'T CARE, it's my body, and I'll do whatever I want to it.
    @Con. For fuck's sake, this is exactly what I was talking about. STOP PREACHING TO PEOPLE! Guess what, I wouldn't give a shit if I died tomorrow and I couldn't care less for other people (even if I smoked around them, which I don't). Do you really think I don't know what cigarettes do to people without you telling me? Fact of the matter is, cigarettes are one of the very few things I have left that provide even the slightest of reliefs in this dismal existence of mine. So, you can just accept that, or go fuck off.

    • ANSWER:
      I smoked menthol cigarettes for 35 years, I started with Salem & switched to Virginia Slims because they offered more coupons & promo gifts for smoking them. I've tried lights because back then, lights were suppose to be less tar, less nicotine. But it came out that they aren't any better for you & I just smoked more of them. I went back to full flavor. Hubby liked Kool Milds, then switched to GPC menthol light for the cost. (then he smoked 3 cartons a week instead of 2)
      I coughed all the time, when I laughed the cough was uncontrollable, at night I was awake most of the night coughing, The worse thing was (think about this... the best thing there is for a couple to do I couldn't do anymore without almost passing out from lack of oxygen. I'm afraid next time my lungs will collapse & I would die). Cigarettes were just getting too costly (I smoked 2 cartons a week)
      Hubby quit 2 years ago after a week long hospital visit, I quit 1 year ago for our 25th wedding anniversary. I think I waited to long to quit, I can't seem to do anything without getting short of breath. I know you don't care about all of this, but neither did I. I was young & knew I wouldn't live to see 30 so I didn't care & did what I pleased.
      Now that I'm 55 I wish I would've tried better to quit. I've lived twice as long as I expected & instead of having fun enjoying retirement We're both sitting at home. Oh & don't forget, the longer you wait to quit, the more weight you will gain when you do... (I gained 60# & physically can't do any exercises to loose that weight) the younger you are the more likely you will lose those 20-50# you will gain when you quit.
      If you continue to smoke you better have a really good paying job & health insurance to pay for the cigarettes & health care associated with the cigarettes.
      Sure you probably only smoke a pack of day now, but what happens later when you get stressed out & it turns to 2 packs a day, then 3... that turns into 2-3 cartons a week... that's 0 a week you could use for having fun. Medicines are about 0/month. The 0 you spent on cigarettes will now go to medicine to help you breathe.
      Do you really want to remember what it's like to go places & do things with friends & family- enjoying your children, grandchildren or do you want to do those things?
      Do you want your children to suffer from respiratory disease? between cigarettes & the pollution in the air, they won't have a chance.
      Do you want your kids & grandchildren to remember you when your dead at an early age always having a cigarette in your hand, that yucky smell in your hair, on your clothes & that taste on your your hands. Your skin all wrinkled up & overweight or have you there to enjoy?
      Remember kids learn what they live & they will probably smoke too. Both of my parents smoked & neither are here anymore, Mom's been gone for 20 years & Dad for 39 & that's back when cigarettes were good for you.
      You will do as you please, it is your body, your life. I know , I walked that walk. I just wanted you to know what happens when you can't walk any more...
      So whats the best cigarettes to smoke... The answer is none

cigarette coupons gpc

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